Our Mission

In the year 2007, St. Stephen’s Church Waithaka experienced a kind of exodus when a group of members started to settle down in their homes built far away from Dagoretti, some in Ruai and others in Ruiru. Church members were encouraged to look for land and settle down in Waithaka in a gated community because it was easy to purchase land as a group.

This provoked twenty-seven members to come together, contribute funds and settle down as advised. They purchased land in Kagira with the help of the late Mwalimu Kiriba under the leadership of Mr. Justin Mwai, Mr. Daniel Maina – Chairman, Mrs. Agnes Karanu – Secretary, Mr. Josiah Mwai – Treasurer and other members. It was during the balloting for plot allocation for those members that the idea of putting up a church was conceived, in the year 2010.

The Parish Church Council (PCC) adopted the idea of planting a church in the area and charged Ms. Anne Wanjiku, Mr. Erastus Mukuria, Mrs. Catherine Mugo, Captain Kelvin Nyoike and Mr. Evanson Githinji with the responsibility of looking for a plot at Kagira/ Ruthimitu. THE PARISH CHURCH COUNCIL (PCC):-

  1. Rev Jason Minae
  2. Mr Sam Nduati
  3. Mrs. Cathrine Mugo
  4. Mr Evanson Githinji
  5. Mr Erastus Mukiri
  6. Ms Anne Wanjiku
  7. Capt. Kelvin Nyoike
  8. Ms Anne Wanjiku
  9. Mrs. Joyce Kibue
  10. Mrs. Joyce Kibue
  11. Late Mrs. Sarah Wanyoike
  12. Mr. Justin Mwai
  13. Ev. Josiah Mwai
  14. Mr. Samuel Njau
  15. Mr. Godfrey Ng'ang'a Thanji